JobHunterCoach provides support that is tailored to your needs!

JOBHUNTERCOACH resumes demonstrate your value to a potential employer through effective personal branding, portraying how your unique background sets you apart from your competition. We write about the challenges you have faced, what you’ve done to meet them, and how you have made a difference for your current and past employers. In short, we don’t just claim that you have value… we demonstrate it!

Entry Level

  • 0 – 4 Years Work Experience


  • 4+ years work experience as an individual contributor


$Priced Individually
  • Individuals currently in, or targeting, C-level roles, or who have hiring/firing authority and/or supervisory responsibilities for people at the managerial level

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Resume creation includes:

1. Initial 60-minute consultation, including review of client’s most recent resume, and a discussion of types of target roles.

2. Assignment to client of materials/information required to complete resume. This will progress at the pace the client’s pace.

3. When Jobhuntercoach receives the completed assignment, a new draft resume will be crafted. This may take approximately two weeks, but is often completed earlier.

4. Client and Jobhuntercoach CEO Arnie Fertig will review draft resume for any corrections, clarifications, or edits to be made.

5. Jobhuntercoach will complete all revisions and return resume to client in Word and PDF formats.

* NOTE: Do inquire about special concierge services Jobhuntercoach provides to meet the needs of high-level organizational and corporate leaders and executives.

LinkedIn Profile

  • Initial consultation
  • Jobhuntercoach creates all profile blocks to make you findable by recruiters and others seeking your skills and experience
  • Jobhuntercoach suggests LinkedIn Groups to join, and how to use them to discover job opportunities that are often hidden in plain sight.
  • One-on-one GotoMeeting tutorial: Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Job Hunt,

It is critically important not only to have a well-crafted and optimized Profile, but to know how to use it along with all of LinkedIn’s other features to really power your job hunt. Remember that over 95% of all recruiters, HR staffing professionals and hiring managers will review your profile with care to either discover or vett you during their hiring process.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation 20-minute conversation with Arnie Fertig to discuss your LinkedIn Profile.

Remember: An optimized LinkedIn profile enables recruiters who are looking for people with your skills, education, and experience to bring job opportunities to your attention and speed your job hunt!

I recognize that every person has a unique story to tell. Sometimes, however, you need a hand to better understand your own story and to develop a more effective way to tell it, whether in person, on paper, or online.

Coaching is most often provided through video conferencing via GotoMeeting or other online services. This enables us to see each other and share screens in real time. Some common coaching topics are listed in the box below, however, sessions are always tailored to the needs and priorities of my clients.

One-on-One Job Hunt Coaching

$150 for one 60-minute session. Package of three 60-minute sessions for $400
  • Creating a Search Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • LinkedIn Strategies: Finding Employment Opportunities, Making Yourself Findable and Preparing for Job Interviews
  • Networking Your Way Into Your Target Companies
  • Interview Preparation and Debriefing
  • Salary and Compensation Negotiation Coaching

Sign up for a free, no-obligation 20-minute consult with Arnie Fertig to discuss your personal career aspirations and ways coaching can lead to your success.

Are you the kind of job hunter who will benefit from relationships with recruiters? If so, our research department can create a unique list of all the appropriate recruiters for you in the U.S. We then individually address and send your cover letter and resume to each of them via email. The number of recruiters who will receive your resume will vary depending on your industry, employment level and skill set. Typically it will range between 300 – 2,500,

Managerial / Professional / Executive

Individually priced.
  • Variable Work Experience

Resume Distribution

1. Initial 60-minute consultation to review your most recent resume, and a discussion of types of roles you are targeting.

2. We will discuss any materials or information necessary to make your resume recruiter-friendly.

3. You may elect either to make any necessary changes on your own or to hire Jobhuntcoach to craft a new resume.

4. Jobhuntercoach will craft a cover letter to accompany your resume for distribution.

Jobhuntercoach specializes in providing customized services to the exacting needs of high-level corporate executives. If you are in the “C” suite – or aspire to be – resume services are offered by individualized quotes. More likely, however, you will be interested in a tailored package of services for people at your level:

Executive Package

  • Resume Creation

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • LinkedIn Coaching

  • Professional Bio

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Cover Letters

  • E-mail support

Investment in your professional future

  • Resume Creation: including personalized branding statement featuring your key accomplishments, skills and demonstrating your outstanding value at the executive level.
  • LinkedIn Profile: crafted to make you visible to the recruiters in retained search firms who seek passive candidates for their exclusive white glove services.
  • LinkedIn Coaching: one-hour coaching session to show you the “in’s and out’s” of how to use LinkedIn as a source of Business Intelligence, to learn about companies and people of interest and to aid in enlarging your network of key business contacts.
  • Professional Bio: to introduce yourself at networking events, informational interviews, and other occasions when you don’t want to overtly say: “Hire me”. Unlike a resume, your bio must be limited to one page, be in paragraph format, and feature a professional quality headshot.
  • One-on-One Coaching:  up to 5 hours of personal time with Arnie Fertig to discuss your own particular issues and concerns about your job hunt. For example, you can use these sessions to prepare to deal with recruiters, enhance your networking skills, sharpen your negotiation skills, and to gain personalized support throughout your job search.
  • Cover Letters: marry your understanding of the company you want to work at, the job you want to do, how you would add the value that hiring authorities seek. This package provides one well-crafted cover letter tailored for a specific job you identify and a second cover letter template you can utilize when applying for additional positions.
  • E-mail support: unlimited priority email support to deal with issues and questions as they arise for up to four months from the time you enroll for the Executive Package.

Payment & Guarantee


  • In all cases, payment in full is required before services are rendered.
  • Personal checks should be made payable to: “Jobhuntercoach.”
  • PayPal is also accepted with a 5% convenience fee.


I promise to provide my best efforts to fulfill all coaching services and work always to earn and maintain your trust and confidence. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee specific results within any particular time frame for any client, nor do I offer refunds under any circumstance.

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