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On this page, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips to help speed your job hunt to a successful conclusion. Videos and short articles will be added weekly, so check back often to get the latest and greatest job hunt advice!

Happy hunting!


Arnie Fertig, MPA



5 Keys to Interview Preparation

  1. Ask yourself why this position makes sense for you at this point in time.
  2. Be prepared to talk the employer’s products and services and how you identify with the company’s mission.
  3. Be prepared to elaborate on any point you have listed on your resume.
  4. Practice, practice and practice your answers.
  5. Think about your posture, handshake, and physical appearance.

4 Tips for a Great Cover Letter

  1. Don’t claim you are the best candidate. Instead, show your stuff and let the reader come to that conclusion.
  2. Demonstrate why you are the answer to the employer’s dream.
  3. Show how your resume reflects the position description.
  4. Share your passion for the kind of work you want to do.

How To Get on a Recruiter’s Radar

  1. Make sure that you have a fully completed LinkedIn profile, including dates, accomplishment, skills, education and a solid summary.
  2. Review your entire social media presence and be sure to scrub anything that might seem inappropriate to anyone – everywhere.
  3. Attend relevant professional conferences, conventions and other gatherings.
  4. Don’t declare yourself to be looking for new employment opportunities.

How To Use LinkedIn For Your Job Search

  1. Remember the first networking principle: “Give to get”! Don’t treat everyone online as if they are only there to help you get a job.
  2. Continually build your network.
  3. Get past gatekeepers with InMail.
  4. Look for “hidden” jobs in LinkedIn’s many Groups.
  5. Research target companies and people for background information and to find commonalities.


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