Today, I received an email from some of my fellow coaches and resume writing professionals who are members of the prestigious Career Directors International. They shared a number of real-life resume bloopers that brought a chuckle. I wanted to share a few of them with you:

  • An IT Customer Service Representative: “Provided supper user training.”
  • XXXX Shoe Store Manager:
    • Profound footwear experience
    • Remarkable undertanding of “retail” hours, which include day, evening, weekend and holiday.
  • One client was a copy/reprographics technician. In his original resume he stated that he: “Reproduced daily…”
  • Another client was a CPA who found difficulty gaining work. When her resume was reviewed, one reason was easily detected. She left the “L” out of “Public Accountant.”
  • Any number of people who supervise others incorrectly called themselves “mangers.”
  • A colleague recalls:

“Years ago, a client came in who said he wasn’t getting interviews. He was using a resume that his girlfriend had prepared. In fact, he said he noticed people snickering when he handed it to them in person.

He was a friendly, blue-collar supervisory type with limited spelling or reading comprehension skills. I took one look at the resume he had been using. At the very top, his most recent position as “Shift Supervisor” was highlighted in large bold print and underlined. Apparently, in preparing his resume, his girlfriend had inadvertently left off the “F” in “Shift Supervisor…!””

These mistakes might bring a smile to your face, but they resulted in costly longer-term unemployment than was necessary for the people who made them. Even a single letter can mean the difference of getting a paycheck and getting laughed at.

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Happy hunting!

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