Client Experiences

Nan Desai, a highly accomplished financial executive in the pharmaceutical industry, came to JOBHUNTERCOACH to assist her in moving to the next level at a new company. Working closely with Arnie Fertig, she landed a job as a Senior Director at Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 50 company. In this video, Nan and Arnie discuss her job search journey and what it was like working with each other.

Dave Markey leads creative efforts with a rich background creative efforts at the intersection of technology, innovation, and audience-centric design. In short, he is a passionate storyteller utilizing both visuals and words. 

While living in the Atlanta, GA area and anticipating a move to Boston, came to JOBHUNTERCOACH in need of new marketing materials for his own job search, and coaching to help break into a new geographic area at a higher level in his field. In this interview with Arnie Fertig, Dave talks about his job search process, working with Arnie Fertig and how he wound up earning 30-40% more in his new job than he previously took home. He is now happily employed as a Senior Production Manager at Ten Percent Happier.

Stefania Matei is an Accounting Manager who moved from Georgia to Florida. As she made this transition, she applied online to over 150 jobs without success. In her testimonial, she shares how emotionally low she was when she first encountered Arnie Fertig, and how his coaching bolstered her emotions. Armed with a new resume and LinkedIn profile she quickly gained success, as companies reached out to her to encourage her to apply to their openings. After just two months working the JOBHUNTERCOACH Executive Job Search Program, she gained three job offers in a single week. Moreover, she accomplished a tricky transition from the non-profit world from which she came into the profit sector, working for an entertainment company with a presence on five continents. 

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