Client Experiences

Nan Desai, a highly accomplished financial executive in the pharmaceutical industry, came to JOBHUNTERCOACH to assist her in moving to the next level at a new company. Working closely with Arnie Fertig, she landed a job as a Senior Director at Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 50 company. In this video, Nan and Arnie discuss her job search journey and what it was like working with each other.

Dave Markey leads creative efforts with a rich background creative efforts at the intersection of technology, innovation, and audience-centric design. In short, he is a passionate storyteller utilizing both visuals and words. 

While living in the Atlanta, GA area and anticipating a move to Boston, came to JOBHUNTERCOACH in need of new marketing materials for his own job search, and coaching to help break into a new geographic area at a higher level in his field. In this interview with Arnie Fertig, Dave talks about his job search process, working with Arnie Fertig and how he wound up earning 30-40% more in his new job than he previously took home. He is now happily employed as a Senior Production Manager at Ten Percent Happier.

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