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Use Twitter To Power Up Your Job Hunt

LinkedIn Is Great, & Necessary – But Not Enough! I recently published an article about Twitter’s value for job seekers, and I provided some concrete tips on how to use it. You can find the full article here: Twitter can shepherd people to your online content, and thereby bolster your personal brand as a subject matter expert. You can find all the latest job openings in your field and preferred…read more →

LinkedIn Profile Tips 2014

LinkedIn is constantly changing, and what is standard today might not be next week. However, if you want a really effective Profile that will draw people to you, bear these limits in mind: 1. Company Name: 100 maximum characters. 2. Professional Headline: 120 character limit. 3. Summary: 2,000 character limit. 4. Specialties: 500 maximum characters. 5. Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters. 6. Website URL: 256 maximum characters. 7. Position…read more →

Dawn Rasmussen & I chatted about LinkedIn for Job Hunters

 Google Hangout about LinkdeIn with career rock star Dawn Rasmussen We had some difficulties getting going, but we did it! It was a great joy to participate in a Google Hangout with Dawn. We covered topics including how to best complete your LinkedIn profile, Do’s & Don’ts of networking on LinkedIn, and answered several questions. Our presentation was recorded and is now available on YouTube. Watch it here:

Join Me Online to Talk About LinkedIn for Job Hunters

Join me in a FREE Google+ Hangout To Talk About LinkedIn for your Job Hunt! You’ve heard the buzz: LinkedIn is indispensible for your job search. And its true! There are now more than 300 million people on it, from all over the world. Every occupation, every skill, every business or industry type that you can imagine are all there – and then some. This coming Monday, August 11th at…read more →

The 5 Elements of a Compelling Job Recommendation

You might typically think that a recommendation comes at the end of a job search, and is something others say about you. In this USNews & World Report article I show how your references on LinkedIn can be most valuable at the beginning of the search, and why it is important for you to think about people whose work you admire and proactively write a recommendation for them as well….read more →

6 Ways Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Hunt Heads

Have you ever wondered how recruiters go about the task of hunting the heads they present to their client companies? I ran my own recruiting company for ten years before beginning Jobhuntercoach, and was among the earliest of LinkedIn Adopters. But much has changed since then and I wanted to check out today’s best practices. One of Boston’s best veteran recruiters, Mary Truslow, spoke with me about the multiple ways…read more →

6 Ways To Activate Your Network

Virtually every career coach, outplacement advisor, or college career service officer will agree: the best way to get a job is to network your way into it. But that can be a tall order if you’ve been out of work for some time, or if you think of yourself as a shy or introverted person. And it is doubly hard if you think of networking as just telling everyone in real…read more →

7 Key Elements of Your Personal Brand

How many times have you been flustered when someone asks you, “Tell me about yourself”? Do you talk about the chronology of your career? Your family? Your interests? In the context of your job hunting – whether in networking or interview settings, the question simply asks you to relate your personal brand. In this U.S. News & World Report article I identify the seven crucial things that make up a…read more →