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I’m so happy to say that I’ve passed my 2 year anniversary writing a weekly column for USNews&World Report’s “On Careers” blog! That’s a new article every Tuesday – now more than 100 of them on just about every “nuts and bolts” job search topic you can imagine.

  • Resumes
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Motivation
  • Dealing with Age Discrimination
  • LinkedIn, LinkedIn and more LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Salary Negotiation….

and the list goes on!

Today’s post takes you through the five critical elements of a compelling Recommendation, why you should pro-actively recommend others on Linkeus-news-articlesdIn, and how you can help people help you with targeted, compelling reviews of your accomplishment.

Other recent articles provide tips about how to boost your LinkedIn Presence, how to communicate effectively throughout your job hunt, and lay it on the line to explain why you might not have gotten the job you had in the bag – and how to correct it next time around.

All these articles are archived and available for you with no charge! Just follow go to my USNews Author’s Page and keep scrolling down! Of course all these articles are written to provide general guidance to the public at large. For help with your particular job search, or to see how you can personally implement my ideas, I urge you to consider some personalized coaching! Learn more about all the ways I can help you with your search here.

Summer is a critical time for you to get your resume in shape, network, and put your search into high gear. It might seem like time for a vacation, but the clock is ticking and the longer you put off the work of getting work, the harder it will be to find it, according to survey after survey. Let me help you tailor your message and put your best foot forward!

Happy hunting! Arnie


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