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New Fee Structure Coming Soon

Please note that if you are considering JOBHUNTERCOACH services, now is the time to sign up! Current rates will remain in effect for clients who sign up prior to July 1, 2013. At that time, a new fee structure will be introduced.

How to Haggle to Get the Best Salary

“What are your salary expectations?” Is one of the most dreaded questions that just about always gets asked early on in an interview process. You don’t want to name a number so high that you are significantly more expensive to hire than your competition with similar skills and experience. On the other hand, you don’t want a number so low that it helps you get the job – but at…read more →

Great Tax Tips for Job Hunters

People often say that getting a job is a job. It turns out that the IRS sees it that way too! Job hunters can (under certain circumstances) deduct expenses they incur in their search for employment, as if the job hunt were a business. In this week’s U.S. News article I offer some great specific suggestions from a CPA about how job hunters can find and take several unexpected deductions,…read more →