I publish new articles each Tuesday on the prestigious U.S. News & World Report “On Careers” Blog. Topics run the gamut of the entire job hunting process, including strategy, resume and LinkedIn profile crafting, interview preparation, networking in-person and online, compensation negotiation, and more.

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Below are links to my articles, arranged topically by tab. I hope you will find the general information and tips I share to have value for you!

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Successful job hunters embrace the challenges of the task with a hopeful and optimistic attitude. That’s why I end every article with these words:

Happy Hunting!

Arnie Fertig


  • 5 Ways to Put Spring Into Your Job Hunt

    Put a little pep in your job hunt this season. Read the article.

  • The Pros and Cons of Virtual Media Rich Resumes

    Several websites can help with crafting topnotch resumes, if you use them right. Read the article.

  • The 9 Best Job Seeking Tips from Staffing Leaders

    What is the most effective way to get a job? Read the article for the best job seeking tips.

  • 7 Steps To Creating the Best LinkedIn Profile

    Effective messaging is essential to a successful job search. Read the article to learn how to create the best LinkedIn profile.

  • 7 Key Elements of a Great Personal Branding Statement

    Strive to blow interviewers away instead of boring them. Read the article to learn how to craft your Personal Branding Statement.

  • 6 Foolproof Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Land Your Next Job

    It’s not enough to create a static profile that passively sits online. Read the article to learn how to leverage LinkedIn Groups.

  • 6 Tips for Working the Room at a Networking Event

    Social networking is important, but you must also learn how to meet contacts face-to-face at a networking event. Read the article.

  • 10 Pack-a-Punch Verbs to Include on Your Resume

    Use resume verbs to entice an employer to keep reading. Read the article.

  • 6 Steps To Networking Nirvana

    Tips to turn job hunters into conscientious networkers. Read the article to improve your networking skills.

  • 7 Tips for Casting Away Interview Jitters

    Settle your  interview jitters before meeting with potential employers. Read the article.

  • The 2 Things Savvy Interviewers Are Looking For

    All employers take their needs into account before considering yours. What are interviewers looking for? Read the article to find out.

  • 5 Smart Tax Tips For Job Hunters

    This is the time of year to review how job searching affects your finances. Read the article for tax tips for job hunters.

  • What’s “Fit” Got to Do With It?

    Have you ever heard that a company is looking for the right fit in a job candidate? Read the article.

  • 5 Ways to Become an Efficient Job Seeker

    Think of the job-search as a job itself. It could up your productivity as a job seeker. Read the article.

  • How to Haggle Right: 4 Tips for Negotiating the Best Salary

    Scary though it may be, negotiating salary is an expected part of hiring. Read the article.

  • The 4 Keys to a Great Interview

    Crucial tips for job hunters seeking success. Read the article to learn how to have a great interview.

  • 4 Types of Questions to Expect at a Job Interview

    Any hiring manager worth his salt will make these types of queries. Read the article for questions to expect at a job interview.

  • How to Lure Recruiters with a Call and Video Profile

    Let the phone and camera showcase your initiative to recruiters. Read the article. 

  • How You Can Find Hidden Jobs

    Some of the best opportunities are cloistered. Read the article to learn how to find hidden jobs.

  • 6 Resume Red Flags You Can Avoid

    Key snafus on this all-important document can turn off employers. Read the article to avoid resume red flags.

  • Resumes 101: Swap a Stale Objective for a Fresh Branding Statement

    Out with the old and in with the new. Read the article to learn how to craft your own personal branding statement.

  • How to Best Ready Yourself for the Big Interview

    Candidates who don’t prepare sabotage their chances. Read the article to get ready for the big interview.

  • 3 Ways to Power Up Your Resume for the New Year

    It’s time to roll up your sleeves and take your career to the next level. Read the article to learn how to revise your resume for the New Year.

  • How to Be Found and Prized by Headhunters

    If you want to work with a headhunter, you must understand the nature of a recruiter’s role and their company. Read the article.

  • 5 Ways to Leverage Your December Job Hunt

    End this year on a productive high note. Read the article to learn what to do during your December job hunt.

  • If You Want a Great Job, Tell a Great Story

    A few lessons on job searching from our 16th president. Read the article to learn how to get that great job.

  • 3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Nab a Job

    Be smart about how you use this indispensable tool. Read the article to learn how to use LinkedIn for your job hunt.

  • The Entrepreneur’s Checklist: 7 Clues You’re Ready to Own a Business

    Not everyone is cut out for building a business. Read the article.

  • The Tips You Need to Dig Out of a Job Search Rut

    Advice for the tongue-tied individual at any stage of a job search. Read the article to get out of your job search rut.

  • How Proper Research Buoys Your Job Chances and Career Path

    Don’t just find a job. Find the right job for career advancement. Read the article.

  • Put Some Pizzazz Into Your Job Interview

    Turn the job interview into a conversation rather than a test. Read the article.

  • 7 Surefire Ways to Prolong Your Job Hunt

    You’re unemployed. These bad deeds will ensure you stay that way. Read the article to learn how to finish your job hunt.

  • For Today’s College Kids, Landing a Job is About More Than Classwork

    Plans for career development have to start before senior year. Read the article to learn about landing a job after college.

  • 4 Things a Well Written Thank You Note Can Accomplish

    Your thank you note has more sway than you think. Read the article to learn how to follow-up.

  • The Secret of Successful Networking: The Informational Interview

    Informational interviews are an effective way to build a business network. Read the article.

  • 7 Ground Rules for Dealing With Recruiters

    Recruiters want to build a rep for handling clients and candidates with integrity. Read the article.

  • 5 Myths About Working With Recruiters

    Understand a headhunter’s role in your job search. Read the article to learn about working with recruiters.

  • 8 Commandments for Every Job Hunter

    Simple rules for organizing your search that every job hunter should know. Read the article.

  • Tricks for Decoding the Thorniest Interview Questions

    Stop getting stumped by interview questions. Read the article.

  • The Best Ways to Close a Job Interview

    Ask these outstanding questions at the end of your job interview. Read the article.

  • 3 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Job Hunt

    You’d be surprised the punch a good tweet may have. Read the article to learn how to use Twitter to job hunt.

  • The Best Interview Tips For Older Job Seekers

    A few tricks for showcasing your years of experience as an advantage. Read the article to get interview tips for older job seekers.

  • 4 Essential Objectives For Your Phone Interview

    Nail your next phone interview by meeting these goals. Read the article.

  • Is the Roadblock to Getting a Job Inside Your Head?

    What to do when you’re down on yourself and your job hunt. Read the article.

  • 4 Tips For Older Job Seekers Facing Discrimination

    Craft a resume that accentuates your skills, not your age. Read the article to get resume tips for older job seekers.

  • Turn That Drab Resume Into a Must Read

    A well-executed STAR format makes your resume a rousing story. Read the article.

  • 4 Tips for Luring in Recruiters With Your Linkedin Profile

    Showcase your talent and qualifications on your LinkedIn profile for the next lurking headhunter. Read the article.

  • 5 Ways You Can Use Facts in Your Job Hunt

    How to avoid padding your resume or embellishing on your interview during your job hunt. Read the article.

  • 7 Ways Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Should Differ

    Both are important to the job search and they shouldn’t be carbon copies. Read the article.

  • How and Why to Make LinkedIn References Count

    Giving and receiving LinkedIn recommendations are an integral part of the job hunt.Read the article.

  • 6 Ways to Mobilize Your Network

    The true keys to move and shake effectively. Read the article.

  • 4 Tips to Revive a Feeble Resume

    Sloppy written communication skills could be killing your job chances. Read the article.

  • How to Tap Dance Around Illegal Interview Questions

    During an interview you were asked something you shouldn’t have been asked. What to do now? Read the article.

  • 5 Unasked Interview Questions You Must ‘Answer’ To Get Hired

    Both verbal and nonverbal communication crucial to landing the job. Read the article.

  • The Road Map to a Symbiotic Mentor-Mentee Relationship

    Four tips for developing one of the most beneficial relationships of your career.  Read the article.

  • 5 Interview Lessons You Can Learn from Whole Foods

    Job hunters should pay attention to the grocery store’s business strategy.  Read the article.

  • 4 Easy But Essential Steps for Interview Prep

    The info you should know before going into an interview.  Read the article.

  • 6 Ways Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Headhunt

    Have you ever wanted to get inside the head of a headhunter?  Read the article.

  • 5 Ways to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to Work Here?’

    Rehearse an intelligent, thoughtful answer to this classic interview query. Here’s the link.

  • 6 Myth-Busting Facts to Propel Your Job Hunt

    It’s easy to destroy your chances if you mistakenly believe these myths to be reality.  Get the facts here.

  • 4 Ways Older Job Seekers May Circumvent Hiring Fears

    Those workers with the most experience often meet the greatest resistance in a job search. Learn what steps you can take to alleviate a hiring manager’s fear of hiring you here.

  • 5 Employee Qualities on Every Employer’s Wish List

    Getting hired is about more than matching your abilities with a job’s requirements. Read the article here.

  • 3 Ways to Make Your References Most Effective

    Don’t lose the job offer based on the careless words of others. Read the article.

  • 7 Questions to Ask About the Job of Your Dreams

    Does the company have a sterling reputation, or a soiled one? Read the article.

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

    Be critical of this new job opportunity. Read this article here.

  • Get Social: 5 simple Social Media Tactics That Lead to a Job

    Survey results prove social networks are now necessary in a job search. Read more here.

  • Ensuring Your Résumé Avoids Applicant Tracking System Pitfalls

    When you submit a résumé, you have to impress more than the hiring manager. Read more here.

  • The 6 Best Communications Strategies for Nabbing a Job

    Take a step back to consider the overall message you’re trying to convey. Read more here.

  • 4 Key Messages in Effective Cover Letters

    A well-written letter will always have these fur components. Read the article here.

  • A 4 Step Reality Check for Job Seekers

    Questions to ask if you’ve started a job hunt or have been searching for a while. Read it here.

  • 6 Keys to Succeeding at a Job Fair

    A foolproof strategy to make job fairs effective. Read the article.

  • 3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn is a tool. The more you use it, the more useful it becomes. Read the article.

  • Preparing for Interview Questions That Don’t Have a Right Answer

    Tips for answering open-ended interview questions. Read the article.

  • 4 Ways to Cope With Your 360 Review

    If you look at your review as a call to action, the criticism may be easier to swallow. Read the article.

  • 7 ‘Gifts’ Job Seekers Should Give Hiring Managers

    Present your unique qualities, skills and personality wrapped in a bow of professional perfection. Read the article.

  • Job Search Resolutions for the New Year

    Six resolutions to help you refocus and recalibrate your job search in 2014. Read the article.

  • 8 Job Hunting tips for the New Year

    This is a good time to assess your job search. Read the article.

  • 5 Common Job Search Misconceptions

    When you keep these illusions in mind you may demystify job search strategies. Read the article.

  • How to Answer: “What Have You Been Doing While Unemployed?”

    A plan for making yourself as marketable as possible, despite a period of unemployment. Read the article.